Switzerland Player Profiles

Footvolley player Nils Fehr representing Switzerland

Name: Nils Fehr
Born: 1972
City of residence: Zurich
Height: 1.76 m
Job: Architect
Favourite meal: Everything & Salad
Preferred foot: Right
Favourite footvolley move: Back-side-forward and turn around.
Favourite attack: Shark attack
Footvolley strength: Service
Started playing footvolley: 2006
Started playing with current partner: 2006

Why do you like playing footvolley? 

Biggest success/win in footvolley?
3rd place @ Int. Groningen 2013.

Goals for EFC 2018?
Passing the group stage. 

Footvolley player Benedikt Zwyssig representing Switzerland

Name: Benedikt Zwyssig
Nickname: Bene
Born: 1971
City of residence: Buochs CH
Height: 1.83 m
Job: Banker
Favourite meal: Picanha
Preferred foot: Left
Favourite footvolley move: Serve to collect still more points
Favourite attack: Head
Footvolley strength: Anticipation and passion
Started playing footvolley: 1991
Started playing with current partner: 2016

Why do you like playing footvolley?
Great leisure.

Biggest success/win in footvolley? 
Swiss Champions several times.

Goals for EFC 2018?
Have fun together and win over 250 single points.