Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I learn how to play footvolley?

Answer: If you do not know much about footvolley we recommend taking a look in the section called "Footvolley" in our main menu.

Soon we will also release a Footvolley Junior training program for schools and clubs. Stay tuned.

Question: What is the purpose of EFVL?

Answer: The European Footvolley League (EFVL) is an organization of European nations devoted to further grow and develop footvolley as an internationally recognized sport in Europe.

Question: Can my country join EFVL?

Answer: We want every European country to join EFVL and encourage you to contact us if you are interested. Below you can read more about our requirements to find out if your country is qualified for membership.

The procedure for new EFVL memberships is that all current member nations vote yes or no (one nation one vote). This can only happen at our annual congress meeting at the end of the year. New members will have to apply and present themselves before this meeting and show that they represent the entire national footvolley community of their respective countries. They can do so by sending us an e-mail.

Our administration department will then look into these new memberships. One important criterium is the footvolley culture in each country. Is there a footvolley history? Are they organized and how? Is there a national ranking open to all. Other criteria involved in the decision-making are: Geographical factors, the safety of players and ambassadors, easy to travel and other practical matters. We also need to decide if a new member is an asset to the EFVL.

If a new member is accepted by all current member nations, they will have to sign the statutes and the ethical code.. Every nation will have to be a member in the year before to take part in official main EFVL events. E.g only if a new member is accepted by congress in November 2017, they can participate in the Championship 2018 main event.