Italy Player Profiles

Footvolley player Federico Barra representing Italy

Name: Federico Barra
Nickname: Fede
Born: 1994
City of residence: Rome
Height: 1.88 m
Job: Free professional
Favourite meal: All kinds of pasta
Preferred foot: Right
Favourite footvolley move: 
Favourite attack: Shark attack
Footvolley strength: 
Started playing footvolley: 2015
Started playing with current partner: 2015

Why do you like playing footvolley? 
Fun sport to play.

Biggest success/win in footvolley?
5โ€™place at national EFVL qualifiers.

Goals for EFC 2018? 
Passing the group stage

Footvolley player Luca Marcaccini representing Italy

Name: Luca Marcaccini
Nickname: Luchinho
Born: 1994
City of residence: Rome
Height: 1.76 m
Job: Free Professional
Favourite meal: Pasta
Preferred foot: Left and right
Favourite footvolley move: 
Favourite attack: Short Diagonal
Footvolley strength: Short Diagonal
Started playing footvolley: 
Started playing with current partner: 

Why do you like playing footvolley? It is a game that allows you to free yourself from every thought.

Biggest success/win in footvolley? 
First in the city championship of Rome.

Goals for EFC 2018? 
Passing the group stage.