European Footvolley Championship 2016

With great pride we announce the 1st official European Footvolley Championship which will take place in Schwรคbisch Gmรผnd, Germany from the 2nd to the 5th of June 2016. In this first edition all EFVL member nations can participate. Each member will send 1 team which is the national champion based on the national ranking. The tournament will be held with 16 teams. The winning team will be the European Footvolley Champion of 2016.

Participants of the EFC 2016 are (last update May 22, 2016):

  • Austria: Benedikt & Klemens Hofmann-Wellenhof
  • Belgium: Jochen Van Gestel & Ruben Veestraeten
  • Croatia: Team withdrawn
  • France: Dume Susini & Anghjulu Maria Plasenzotti
  • Germany 1: Jakob Domke & Joel NiรŸlein.
  • Germany 2: Ray Wenning & Dennis Bessel
  • Italy: Marco Graziani & Marco Santopre
  • Netherlands: Antonio Aurino & Jesse van Oord
  • Norway: Kristoffer Fรธrde Aarskog & Tom Johannes Bang
  • Portugal: Nelson Pereira & Miguel Pinheiro
  • Spain: Sergio Antolinos & Juan Antonio Lopez
  • Switzerland: Alberto Quintas & Cristiano Goes
  • United Kingdom: David Donkin & Gary Titley

The ranking of the Championship 2016 will (exceptionally) determine who can participate in the Championship of 2017 because in 2016 we will not yet have European Ranking tournaments to qualify for the Championship.

The final Ranking list will be divided into to 3 Levels (A|B|C). A-Level Nations (nr. 1-4) get 2 Slots | B-Level Nations (nr. 5-10) get 1 Slot | C-Level Nations get 0 Slots for the next edition. To qualify for the 2018 Championship member nations that have lost their slot (C-Level), can gain ranking points in the European Ranking tournaments of 2017.

Every Level should be allowed and encouraged to play European Ranking tournaments to gain ranking points. Therefore every European Ranking tournament should invite at least 2 C-Level Nations so they can gain ranking points to re-enter in the European Championship.


There will be a qualification tournament before the EFC starts and the teams are playing for four open slots (it was suppose to be only three spots, but Croatia unfortunately had to withdraw their team due to injuries). Here are the teams participating in the qualification tournament. 

Participants of the EFC 2016 Qualification are (last update May 22, 2016):

  • Switzerland: Nils Fehr & Benedikt Zwyssig
  • Austria: Sascha Wegscheider & Jakob Hofmann-Wellenhof
  • Germany 3: Mo Obeid & Daniel Wehr
  • Portugal: Pedro Salvador & Tiago Melo
  • Netherlands: Martijn ten duis & Bart Zantman

Ladies exhibition

There will be a ladies exhibition match during the tournament. Two talented teams from Italy and Netherlands will represent the ladies. 

Martina Bizzarri & Clarissa Di Tonno (Italy) vs Nynke Karrenbeld & Jorike Olde Loohuis (Netherlands)