European Footvolley League 2019 

The European Footvolley League (EFVL) is proud to announce a new tour concept for the season of 2019! Since the formation of The EFVL in 2015 we have organized one European Footvolley Championship each year - 2016 in Schwäbisch Gmünd 🇩🇪, 2017 in Albufeira 🇵🇹 and 2018 in Graz 🇦🇹. These were unprecedented first steps towards a unified competitive structure and it exceeded expectations in competitive spectacle and public attention.

The upcoming Footvolley League 2019 adds an extra incentive to the mix: Qualification! In our new tour concept we are increasing the number of tournaments from one to four, with three qualification tournaments leading up to one European Championship. For the first time in history 15 countries will have to compete to qualify for only 12 spots in the final of the European Championship. Furthermore, the top 3 countries earn an extra spot in the final stage and we’ll be introducing a new competition format in the 3 qualification tournaments. So get ready for a battle in 3 stages on 3 different locations that will decide which countries earn the right to the final 4th title fight to become the European Footvolley Champions 2019 in Lucerne.



Our mission is to grow and develop footvolley as an internationally recognized sport in Europe and Footvolley League 2019 is the natural next step for us.
— Ulli Hulsmans, President EFVL
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