Annual Congress Meeting in Valencia

Once a year all the members of The European Footvolley League (EFVL) meets up to evaluate and plan for the future. This year we are welcomed by Footvolei Valencia and the Spanish Footvolley Federation in the beautiful city of Valencia.

Evaluating 2018

2018 was an exciting year for the EFVL and we had our third European Footvolley Championship, in as many years, in Graz, Austria. We crowned new champions and more players, both men and women, have found their way into our footvolley universe.

The EFVL also added Israel and Sweden as new members in 2018 and we are now 15 different nations in the EFVL footvolley family.


What a year it has been so far, and we are not even finished with 2018. We can look back at an amazing European Championship in Graz, Austria. We have seen great tournaments in Schwรคbisch Gmund, as we do every year, and in Greece. Corsica put together a double tournament in both Piana and Ajaccio - and invited international stars from Brazil and Paraguay. France also put together a great tournament in Antibes. Portugal are rocking it with their national ranking tour - in 10 different cities. More and more cities and clubs in Spain are joining the Spanish Footvolley Federation and they also know how to put together great tournaments. Germany have a lot of new and exciting young players that are itching to take on the number 1 team Mo and Joel. Italy sent a lot of new players to tournaments this year and also have some up and coming young players in the mix.

In addition to this we have a lot of national tournaments and national championships. It is also great to see that we are attracting more women and youth to our beautiful sport.

Planning for 2019

One of the big talking points during our stay in Valencia is to decide on the tournament structure for 2019. We hope to share this, and many other news, with you as soon as possible. 2019 will be an exciting year for the EFVL and we are ready to take the next step forward.