Host city for European Footvolley Championship 2018 is Graz, Austria

We are pleased to announce that the host city for the European Footvolley Championship 2018 is Graz, Austria. It will take place in the city center, Hauptplatz Graz, between June 6th and June 9th. 

Graz has hosted big footvolley tournaments for many years and we are excited to see what Graz has to offer us come June. Footvolley Austria has a lot of good players and they work a lot to recruit new players and make the sport visible in Austria. 

A quick comment from the president of Footvolley Austria: 

We are proud to be the host of the major tournament in Europe this year. Although we have organized an international event each year since 2012, this time it will be something special, not only because it will be the 2018 main event in Europe, but also because we wil be able to have the event right in the center in Graz in front of the city hall.
— Benedikt Hoffmann-Wellenhoff, President Footvolley Austria

He continues:  "The city of Graz and the team of Footvolley Austria is already  excited to welcome Europe's best teams this summer. Apart from the offcial competition, there will also be a training camp for players from all over Europe to meet, train together and be part of the European Footvolley Championship 2018".

You do not want to miss this!

This is the third European Footvolley Championship and it has previously been arranged in Schwรคbisch Gmund, Germany (2016) and Albufeira, Portugal (2017). In 2016 France took the title just ahead of Portugal, and in 2017 it was the other way around; Portugal won in an exciting final against France. 

EFVL President Ulli Hulsmans is very pleased and has a long history playing footvolley in Graz. 

Graz feels like a 2nd home to me since my first footvolley partner Jan-Pieter Martens (ex-Sturm Graz) introduced me to this lovely city.
— Ulli Hulsmans, President EFVL


More info about location, tournament structure and media package will be be available soon. 

Congratulations Graz, and all footvolley fans. 

Are you coming?