Graz womens team

These are the invited womens team ready to play in Graz.


🇩🇪Rebecca Gabriel
🇩🇪Stefanie Mohr

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Germany 🇩🇪 with Rebecca and Stefanie, !


🇮🇹Sara Cupellini

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Italy 🇮🇹 with Sara and Francesca, !


🇳🇱Lotte Wiekamp
🇳🇱Evelyn Dobbinga

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Netherlands 🇳🇱 with Lotte and Evelyn teaming up this time. Two times gold medal winner Evelyn actually does not need an introduction. She has got style, technique and power. Her partner Lotte might be new to the Footvolley League, but she has got the skills and mindset to make it all the way up to the podium. She is really into footvolley and football. Did you know she was an excellent goalkeeper at the 1st division football club SC Heerenveen?


🇳🇴Pernille Ingvaldsen Smith
🇳🇴Henriette Ingvaldsen

[Team presentation for Graz] The twin sisters Pernille and Henriette will represent Norway 🇳🇴 (@footvolley_norway) in Graz and Gmünd this year and at their first appearance in Graz the ended up winning the whole thing! They are now hungry for more gold and have to defend the title in Gmünd. Both sisters come from a background of football and freestyle football and they have adjusted to footvolley very fast. We wish the Viking Twins good luck in Graz! Did you know they are both doctors?