Gmünd men’s teams

The best ranked team from each of the member nations are invited to play in European Footvolley League 2019. These are the teams representing their countries in Schwäbisch Gmünd.


🇦🇹Simon Saurugger
🇦🇹Josef Lüster

🥉Third place Q1 Graz 2019

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Austria 🇦🇹 with Josef and Simon, not related to the Hofmann-Wellenhof clan as far as we know. They're also a lot taller. In fact Simon and Josef are the only Austrian team that can properly do shark attacks. Two weeks ago in Graz they nearly cracked the code of Israel and played an amazing game. Gemma Austria!


🇧🇪Bjorn Van Gestel
🇧🇪Ruben Veestraeten

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Belgium 🇧🇪 - Two weeks ago Bjorn played his first EFVL tournament in the 1ste Qualifier in Graz 2019 and liked it a lot. So he is back for more. This time he teams up with Ruben who plays the 4th year in the European Footvolley Championship. There are certain players that always have the net on their side. That’s why Ruben is also nicknamed Netboy. Come on Belgium!


🇭🇷Dinko Maras
🇭🇷Matija Funčić

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Croatia 🇭🇷 - Matija and Dinko will defend the honour of this beautiful Mediterranean country. Both have been showing their all-round skills in the sand for many years. Best of luck!


🇫🇷Ottaviani Antoine
🇫🇷Alessandri Lucien

National results
🥈Second place Q1 Graz 2019
🥇Winner EFC 2018
🥈Second place EFC 2017
🥇Winner EFC 2016

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present France 🇫🇷. Antoine and Lucien became European Footvolley Champions in 2018. Finally reunited again. In 2018 they had to fight through qualifications and the main tournament, surprising everyone, maybe even themselves. Lucien - or Lulu - was the youngest player ever to become European champion at the age of 19. He is strong, fast and spectacular. Antoine adds a lot of class, experience and intelligence to the mix. Never easy to repeat your biggest success. But if anyone can do it, it’s these two Corsicans. Good luck!


Germany 1

🇩🇪Mo Obeid
🇩🇪Joel Nißlein

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Germany 🇩🇪 - the three time 4th place finisher in the EFVL coming back stronger than ever. The players are well known as Germany sends Mo and Joel as the first team from Germany. Mo suffered a knee injury last season and went in to surgery, only to recover lightening fast and become the German champion together with his partner Joel. Joel still combines beach soccer and footvolley. Some say he is an octopus with 8 or more legs. His focus and will to win is legendary. Team MoJo prepared for the European tour with a 3-week military #beastmode-style training camp in Brazil. Local newspapers report both heroes doing extra shark attacks while giving autographs to the fans and raising funds for the Kids of Rio charity project.
We can only confirm they are ready to take the next step up the ladder.

Germany 2

🇩🇪Jakob Domke
🇩🇪Lukas Kicherer

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Germany 2 🇩🇪. Jakob and Lukas are skillful, young and ambitious. And they should be as the numbers 2 in the strong German winter ranking. Although both train in different clubs (Frankenthal and Darmstadt), they are a really balanced, powerful team that communicates well. One could call them rising stars, literally too, because their feet only touch the ground for 45% of game time. Good luck!

Germany 3

🇩🇪Dennis Weber
🇩🇪Michael Weber

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Germany 3 🇩🇪. Dennis (Didi) and Michael (Mitch) are brothers in arms and real lovers of the art of footvolley. Another example of the development efforts taking place in Germany in recent years. Both have a superb attitude on and off court. If these two cannot score a beautiful point, they will wait for the next rally. They also have a secret system for signalling. If you watch them in slow motion and close-up while attacking, you can count their fingers (or toes) to know where the ball is going to land. A few opponents are thinking about investing in video analysis software. Most just enjoy the after movie. Go Germany!


🇬🇷Kostas Trungu
🇬🇷Yiannis Tsiouris

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We give you Greece 🇬🇷. Warm, welcoming Greece with its 1000's of Islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Sea. They gave us philosophy, democracy, drama and the Olympics. Now they send us Yiannis and Kostas. Can we hope for more drama? These #GreekGods are two hard working footvolley players from Athens and we are excited to see the level they bring to the Tour this year.


🇮🇱Ron Ben Ishay
🇮🇱Oren Tzuberry

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Israel 🇮🇱 (@israel_footvolley)! Israel has an amazing beach culture and a lot of good footvolley players. They are sending Ron (@ronbenishai) and Oren (@tzuberryftv) to represent them in Playa Gamundia and we can expect "brazilian style" footvolley from these two - with shark attacks and bicycle kicks at the net. Ron and Oren practically live on Frischmann beach in Tel Aviv and even dream about footvolley every night. In the first qualifier in Graz 2019 they got eliminated in the quarter finals by the later champions Spain, but it was a close game. You will enjoy every minute of this spectacular team.


🇮🇹Federico Iacopucci
🇮🇹Luca Marcaccini

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Italy 🇮🇹 and the italian stallions 🐴 Federico Iacopucci and Luca Marcaccini. They have spent the winter training indoor and won the italian qualification in April. These young players are very entertaining to watch and we know they are eager to improve Italy’s best placements - 4th place in Germany (2016), Austria (2018) and the close loss in the bronze final in Graz 2019. Good luck in Germany!


🇳🇱Martijn ten Duis
🇳🇱Bart Zantman

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Netherlands 🇳🇱 (@footvolleynetherlands)! This country with such a rich beach culture sends out Martijn and Bart. These many times Dutch champions are a really experienced and well-balanced team. . Both come from Footvolley Groningen where they love to put the net at 2m22 because otherwise they would jump over it. When they jump, you can read this post again before they land. Hup Holland hup!


🇳🇴Alexander Mørland Karlsen
🇳🇴Kristoffer Førde Aarskog

[Team presentation for Graz] We proudly present Norway 🇳🇴! The attacking vikings from the north sends Alexander and Kristoffer to steal their way into the top eight teams in Europe. Despite the cold climate they are surprisingly agile in the sand and expect a shark attack, or two. Or should we say Viking attack? .


🇵🇹Miguel Pinheiro
🇵🇹Filipe Santos

National results
🥈Second place EFC 2018
🥇Winner EFC 2017
🥈Second place EFC 2016


🇪🇸Daniel Martínez
🇪🇸Carlos Delgado

National results
🥇Winner Q1 Graz 2019
🥉Third place EFC 2018
🥉Third place EFC 2017
🥉Third place EFC 2016

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Spain 🇪🇸. The current number 1 on the European ranking sends out Carlos and Daniel. An excellent strategical choice. Both are from Alicante, so they have footvolley in the blood. Great defensive skills added with tons of experience, a beautiful style, power and the eyes of an eagle. Carlos Delgado (with Pablo Carcelen) has won the International Footvolley Tournament of Groningen several times. Just saying that they don’t like to lose. Vamos!


🇸🇪David Nilsson
🇸🇪David Nilsson

[Team presentation for Gamundia] We proudly present Sweden 🇸🇪. Again a pair of brothers that team up to represent the country of Sweden on the highest level. The progress both of them made in the past years is astonishing. They have spent the winter training at one of Europe's best indoor sand arenas 👣 in Gothenburg. Expect spectacular shark attacks 🦈 from both in Playa de Gamundia..


🇨🇭Cristiano Goes
🇨🇭Alberto Quintas

[Team presentation for Schwäbisch Gmünd] We proudly present Switzerland 🇨🇭! Cristiano and Alberto Quintas bring a lot of experience and fighting spirit to the tour. They are a well-balanced team that combines the brazilian style with Swiss precision tactics. Traditionally they give the opponent chocolate before the game. Good luck sweet guys 👊🏼.